Hi! I have created this blog in hopes of fulfilling my life purpose: to uplift, support, and help others so that I may share God’s love.

I am a Christian Catholic who, due to recent circumstances, have been attending an independent Baptist church here in New Zealand. There is a great blessing in this experience of mine, one of which is finding a new way to deepen my relationship with God by reading the Bible everyday and reflecting on God’s words. I have to admit that even though I have proclaimed myself a Christian, reading the Bible has not been a part of my daily life. It took me seeing the devotion of Christian Baptists to the Bible to realize that there is more to praying and communing with God, attending the Holy Mass, and learning more about God through preachers. Not that these are not good in themselves, but knowing by heart God’s words is important as well.

With this blog, I will share Bible verses and, at times, my own reflections on the verses by means of personal testimonies. And I pray that all people who visit this blog and read the entries may be touched by God’s wonderful and merciful grace.

Praying for your happiness,



Visit my other site: http://whenlyfthrowsulessons.blogspot.com for more inspiring and uplifting stories. God bless!


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